Dowsing – How to Cleanse and Use Seals as Paper Samples

While chatting with Miss Cat, Nagasiva and Reverend Art about the upcoming show we got on to the conversation of consecration, cleansing and using seals from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses as a type of “sample” to dowse with!

Below are some crude images of the seals one can use, for better images, check out the updated and restored version of Legends of Incense Herb and Oil Magic by Lewis de Claremont, edited by Catherine Yronwode on pages 91 and 92.

The Special Seal of Treasure – alleged to cause hidden treasure to reveal itself that is buried within the earth.

The Seal of the Seven Planets – alleged to reveal hidden treasures within the earth or mines.

The 3rd Table: Spirits of Water – alleged to reveal treasures of the Deep and to bring fortune by water.

The 4th Table: Spirits of the Earth – alleged to give forth treasures from the earth.

Feel free to print one of the above seals to an appropriate size for you to carry, or wrap around your dowsing instrument. You can even write down the word, or use an image of what your trying to dowse for.

Once you’ve got your paper. Next we will cleanse or clear any attached subtle energy or vibration that may skew your results.

Do to this, if the dowsing tool is wood, you can set it in salt, if the dowsing tool is metal you can cense it with a patchouli incense. Once your tool is cleansed and your ready to dowse, get your “sample” paper and anoint the four corners with a diluted patchouli anointing oil to remove any errant subtle energy from the paper as well.

You can then hold the paper in your non-dominant hand if your using a tool such as a pendulum, or if using a Y-rod or L-rods you can wrap it around one side of the tool to help attune it.

Rolling a seal from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses around a L shaped dowsing rod.

Then just proceed to dowse! Let us know if you have improved results!